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Dental Crowns and Tooth Extraction in Lexington

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Have you ever had a toothache? If not, then you must be lucky. A toothache can give you a sleepless night, almost making you go crazy.

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, there has been improvement in dealing with cavities and tooth decays. In fact, tooth decay has become one of the most common diseases affecting both young and older adults. A tooth doesn’t need extraction when fillings and dental crowns are an easy fix. However, there are times when a dentist cannot save a tooth and it must be extracted.

We’ll talk about when a tooth needs to be pulled and when a dental crown is an option so keep reading.

What Is a Dental Crown?

It is a tooth-shaped cap that a dentist places on top of a damaged tooth or covers a dental implant. Dental crowns consist of metal, composite, or porcelain materials and look silver or tooth-colored. They cover, protect and restore the shape, size, and strength of your teeth.

Benefits of A Dental Crown

Many benefits come with dental crowns that make them a logical choice for tooth repair. These benefits include:

Strengthen Teeth

A dental crown completely covers a tooth. By doing so, the crown gives strength to a weak tooth, protecting the teeth from further damage. It also helps preserve a tooth from further decay that could lead to tooth loss. In addition, a dental crown can strengthen worn-down teeth due to bruxism.

Restores Teeth Shape

Our dental team creates teeth that perfectly match your other teeth. A dental crown restores a tooth to its original shape and size. The restoration is essential as it enhances your smile and oral hygiene. It also relieves bite issues while chewing food.

Stays In Place

A dental crown, once fixed, is permanent. Dental crowns are comfortable to wear and allow you to chew food with ease, unlike traditional dentures that are loose.

Tooth Extraction vs. A Dental Crown

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth by a dental professional. Extraction should be your last resort when saving a tooth is not possible. Our dentist, Dr. Michael Moulton, may recommend an extraction, especially if severe tooth decay affects the nerves and does not respond to treatment, such as a root canal.

If you have a toothache and have had sleepless nights, you may need a tooth extraction. Sometimes it may not be necessary as a dental crown could save your tooth. Removing the tooth may be the easiest way but not necessarily the best choice. A tooth extraction affects your smile.

When a Tooth Needs To Be Pulled

No one wants to lose a tooth, but there are times when extraction is the better option. Despite the significant improvements in tooth restoration, sometimes dentists have no choice but to extract a decaying tooth. Dr. Moulton will examine the extent of the damaged tooth and offer options for repair. When a tooth is cracked below the gum line, is too weak, or has excessive decay, Dr. Moulton may advise you to have it pulled.

It may be a tough decision, but it would be better to extract it than wait for the tooth to affect the gumline and nearby teeth. In addition, if you have overcrowded teeth, Dr. Moulton may advise you to have teeth pulled to allow the other teeth to align.

Did you know overcrowded teeth can affect your speech? Overcrowded teeth will affect the way you pronounce some words and also affect the way you chew food making it more difficult. You may have to avoid eating certain foods.

When Is a Dental Crown an Option?

With the advancement in dental techniques, dental crowns have become more common, especially with cracked teeth. The crown requires no special care as brushing and flossing are the same as with natural teeth. The crown is indistinguishable from other natural teeth when using porcelain or composite resin.

Here are scenarios when a dental crown is an option:

When You Have a Cracked Tooth

If your tooth is badly cracked or is worn down, a crown will restore the tooth. It prevents further tooth damage, making it strong enough to chew food and brush at ease.

After Undergoing a Root Canal

This treatment involves removing the infected inner pulp from a tooth. Removing the inner pulp leaves a hole in your tooth. A crown covers the top of the tooth and the hole. The crown restores the tooth and its shape to enable it to continue functioning as it should.

Reshaping Damaged Teeth

Everyone desires to have a good-looking smile. But when you have damaged teeth, you may not feel like smiling at people. Dr. Moulton will reshape the teeth by adding a crown to regain your perfect smile.

Finishing a Dental Implant

If you receive a dental implant to replace a tooth, a dental crown will be essential in replacing the missing tooth gap. The dental crown will help to strengthen the newly implanted tooth allowing it to function just like the other teeth. This helps in restoring your smile and improving your long-term oral hygiene in the process.

Dos for Proper Oral Care

  1. Brush. Brushing your teeth several times in the day is crucial or after every meal with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste.
  2. Floss. Flossing every day ensures that you remove food particles that get stuck between your teeth.
  3. Rinse. After flossing, use a good mouthwash to rinse your mouth and remove food particles. When participating in a physical sport like rugby, it is essential to use a mouth guard for protection. In addition, if you grind your teeth, especially while sleeping, it is essential to use a nighttime mouth guard to help you avoid worn down teeth and avoid gum recession.

Don’ts for Proper Oral Care

  1. Avoid consuming a lot of sugary products as they can lead to tooth decay.
  2. Avoid eating acidic foods as they may harm your tooth enamel.
  3. It’s advisable to avoid smoking tobacco because it can lead to cancer and cause other dental problems such as tooth decay.

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