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Mouth Guards for Sports or Bruxism Treatment

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Athletic Mouth Guards

An athletic mouth guard is a custom-crafted oral appliance designed to protect the mouth and teeth from injury during sports activities. The American Dental Association has found that the use of mouth guards reduces the risk of sports-related dental injuries. This applies to contact or collision sports like boxing, wrestling, and football and non-contact sports like gymnastics and skating.

Our team is happy to custom-craft an athletic mouth guard for protection during sports activities at every age.

Mouth Guards for Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Sometimes children or adults have bruxism, or teeth grinding, during their sleep. This is commonly seen during growth periods for children and is often minor and may cause little or no issue. For adults, it’s often during times of stress. In some cases, excessive grinding can lead to chipping or wearing of teeth or even jaw discomfort or pain.

When this occurs, our pediatric or general dentist may advise wearing a custom nightguard to protec teeth from further damage. A night guard is a custom-made oral appliance worn over the teeth while sleeping. It is an effective treatment for bruxism. It prevents the teeth from grinding against one another. The night guard also serve to help break the unconscious habit of bruxism.

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