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Six Month Smiles®

What Is Six Month Smiles®?

Six Month Smiles® is a state-of-the-art technology that is designed to specifically target the front six top and/or bottom teeth. It is a cosmetic-focused orthodontic treatment option to correct minor bite misalignment, crooked front teeth, or front teeth with crowding, gapping, or both. Six Month Smiles® can provide a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your smile by straightening and restoring symmetry to teeth in only 6-9 months.

What Can Six Month Smiles® Do For Me?

Adult patients often refuse to have traditional orthodontic treatment, even when their teeth, bite, and/or appearance could greatly benefit. The most common reasons these patients give include the length of time for treatment, the cost of treatment, and the affect traditional silver metal braces have on their appearance for the year or longer that they are worn. In these cases, Six Month Smiles® provides an ideal orthodontic and cosmetic-focused solution.

How Does Six Month Smiles® Work

By focusing on cosmetic improvement of the front six top and/or bottom teeth alone, treatment is less complex, less invasive, and requires fewer visits, saving both time and money.

The duration of Six Month Smiles® treatment is significantly shorter than the traditional orthodontic treatments. With Six Month Smiles®, straighter, more even smiles are achieved in only 6-9 months. Moreover, the cost of treatment is substantially less than the comprehensive orthodontic treatment cost.

You can get either clear aligners for minor misalignments or clear braces that are hardly noticeable for more significant alignment and gap issues.

Clear Aligners

Our Six Month Smiles® clear aligners option is a fantastic choice if you have minor alignment issues. Our aligners use Zendura® FLX which is similar to memory foam properties. The aligners shape to you moth comfortably. The aligners gradually move your teeth into place in as little as 6-9 months.

Clear Braces

The other option is the Six Month Smiles® clear braces. They are far more visually appealing than traditional silver metal braces. By using clear or tooth-colored brackets and translucent wires, Six Month Smiles® can correct gaps, crowding, alignment, and symmetry issues with minimal visual impact. Dramatic aesthetic improvement is seen in just 6-9 months.

With Six Month Smiles®, you can have a straighter, more even, more beautiful smile in just 6-9 months. For more information about Six Month Smiles® or to schedule a consultation with our experienced dental team, contact us today.