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Teeth Whitening in Lexington, SC

Dr. Moulton offers exceptional teeth whitening treatments that will make any smile shine. See magnificent results right away and over the 2-4 weeks of treatment. Bring out the beauty in your smile, schedule your first appointment today.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

For some, it may not be convenient to visit the dental office for treatments. We have take-home teeth whitening treatments that are just as effective. Save time and money, and see the same results with our at-home teeth whitening treatment.

Retail take-home teeth whitening treatments can also be a financial detriment as they tend to be expensive. Customer feedback/reviews on many of these products have reported disappointing results.

Here at Dr. Moultin’s practice, we are dedicated to our patient’s smiles. It’s our goal to help bring out the beauty in your smile at your convenience.

Perfect for your smile, we offer custom-fitted whitening trays at our dental office. The trays are reusable for touch-ups and provide long-term results.

Treatment Is Easy

Brightening your smile with Dr. Moulton’s teeth whitening treatment is a simple process. Here’s how we’ll make your smile shine. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Make The Appointment

First, schedule your appointment online. You can also schedule by texting or calling our office.

Step 2: Visiting Our Office

Make sure to brush and floss ahead of time! When you show up for your appointment, Dr. Moultin will perform a brief examination to determine the appropriate treatment length of time and discuss the treatment with you. Dr. Moultin will then fit you for your whitening tray.

Step 3: Treating Your Smile at Home

After you’ve received your custom-fitted whitening tray, you can start the treatment at home. Following Dr. Moultin’s instructions, you will quickly see a shining, confident smile in only 2-4 weeks!

Bring Out The Beauty in Your Smile Today

We love to see you smile. Here at Lexington Family Smiles, Dr. Moultin and his team have gone above and beyond to give patients some of the best dental services in Lexington, SC.

We believe in providing an effective, comfortable experience to our patients by meeting their individual needs. From checkups and cleanings to dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, our #1 goal is to keep you and your family smiling for with a healthy and bright smile.

Ready to smile with confidence? Dr. Moultin wants to help you make your teeth shine. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

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Yes, it is possible to make yellow teeth white. However, you will need to visit our cosmetic dentist to be successful. Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips are not capable of whitening teeth that are naturally yellow. It takes a stronger solution with professional supervision to whiten naturally yellow teeth.

Studies have shown that activated charcoal does not whiten teeth. Activated charcoal can actually damage the surface of your teeth because it is abrasive against the enamel. Damaged enamel is permanent.

There are different natural shades of teeth from white to light-yellow or light-gray. To help your teeth become whiter:

  • brush your teeth regularly (twice a day)
  • Floss regularly
  • Get regular dental cleanings
  • Avoid teeth-staining foods such as red wine and natural dies
  • Quit smoking
  • Get teeth whitening treatment

Talk to our cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening treatments.

Although some people have naturally bright white teeth, many, if not most, celebrities have perfectly white teeth because they either received teeth whitening treatment or have veneers.