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What Makes Us Different

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At Lexington Family Smiles, we are dedicated to ensuring an atmosphere that helps you feel welcome, relaxed, and safe. To that end, we have added high-end amenities and distinctive services that let you know your care comes first.

TVs in Every Treatment Room

During treatment, you may benefit from relaxing with a favorite show or movie while our expert team does the work you need. Lose yourself in the story on screen and find your treatment is complete faster than you expected.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Our team will make every effort to see you on time and minimize any waiting time during your visit. On occasion, we will see a patient with a dental emergency, which can cause a short delay in our schedule. In the event of a short wait time, please enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi.

Blankets, Hot Towels & Pillows

Treatment and operatory rooms can be uncomfortably cool. If you’re feeling chilly, let one of our friendly team members know. We’ll bring a cozy blanket, even a pillow, so you can feel warm and relaxed during treatment.

Patient Refreshment Station

A refreshing drink can help boost your energy and mood. Let the familiar tastes and aromas comfort your senses as you decide which of our selections you like best.

Warm Cookies at Checkout

You work hard to keep your teeth clean and healthy and you deserve a reward. When you are done with your treatment, we’ll give you a warm, delicious cookie to send you on your way with a smile. You’ve earned it!

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